Leonardo da Vinci
Anatomic sketch "Vulva and Anus"
Approx. 1508
Windsor Castle - Royal Library, London, England

11-30-Vulva und Anus Vinci


Throughout his life Leonardo da Vinci was engaged in creating a facsimile of human beings in matters of movement, facial expression, anatomy and expressiveness in his pictures. For this reason, he dissected cadavers and studied the relation between tendons, muscles and bones[1]. He was also interested in the creation of life in the female body. Even if it's not a realistic depiction, "Vulva and Anus" is the first complete picture of the female sexual organ since it shows the vulva triangle, the outer and allusively also the inner labia, the clitoris and vagina. Even the pubic hair is suggested. The vagina is represented as a dark opening, however, the labia are not depicted in a naturalistic way. Perhaps it was too much of a taboo to paint the sexual organ realistically, because it's certain that the artist had the required ability. It is not verifiable whether the sketch was available to the public. The direct analysis of the female organ is unique for that time.

Biography: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonardo_da_Vinci

(Translation: C. Wilhelm)