CONTEMPORARY ART Beginning in 1991

The notion of Contemporary Art has not been defined clearly. There are various movements: Current Art, 21rst Century Contemporary Art, Modern Art...

The term Modernism, however, already has been associated to an epoque, that not has finished yet, but that already is an integral part of art history. Especially in the context of the upcoming notion of Postmodernism.

These notions do not allude to a certain concept, an artistical style or a certain technique. They do not present any affinity to an artistic movement or group. Contemporary Art may be attributed to painting, sculptures, video art, computer art, conceptual art, net art.

In Contemporary Art, the depiction of the vulva or the vagina is to be found in different movements, but it mainly is associated to the breaking of the taboo around sex and genitalia. Some exponents already have been mentioned in the chapter about Feminist Art.

Please find hereafter further interesting statements:

+ Grace Roselli (CB Hais Streak, 1991) >>
+ Nobuyoshi Araki >>
+ Marlene Dumas (Porno Blues, 1993) >>
+ Sally Mann >>
+ Francesco Clemente (Scissors and Butterflies, 1999) >>
+ Mark Quinn (The origin oft he world) >>
+ Thomas Ruff (Nudes, 2001/09) >>
+ Carroll Dunham >>
+ Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen (Vagina Painting, 2008) >>
+ Ylva Ogland (Tondo, 2008) >>
+ Josef Machynka (Du bist reich, ich bin schön - fick mich!, 2010) >>
+ Johannes Kahrs (Nude, 2011) >>
+ Rosario Dawson (Misting Vagina, 2011) >>
+ Cindy Sherman (Untitled, Biennale Venedig 2011) >>
+ Reshma Chhiba (The two talking Yonis 2013) >>
+ Roland Delcol (Sans Paroles, 2013) >>
+ Milo Moiré (The PlopEgg Painting Performance # 1 - A Birth Of A Picture, 2014) >>

 22-86-Spanish Painting Schor-Vorsch  22-87-Slit of Paint Schor-Vorsch  22-88-Satisfaction Krystufek-Vorsch  22-89-Chicken-Knickers Lucas-Vorsch 22-90-KLONE 129 Huber-Vorsch 22-91-Vaginale Ausbrueche RosaPink-Vorsch 22-92-Ohne Titel Ostojic-Vorsch  22-93-The Great Wall of Vagina McCartney-Vorsch
 22-94-Mobile Female Monument Pale-Vorsch