Tanja Ostojic
Without title / After Courbet (The Origin of the World)

22-92-Ohne Titel Ostojic

Rights (Photo / Work):
© Ostojić / Rych and VG Bild Kunst Bonn, 2014
© Photo: David Rych

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    From late 2005 into early 2006 the artwork was presented as poster in public spaces in Vienna and later on in Graz and engendered an enormous scandal created by the mass media. From a political point of view 2006 was an important year for Austria, because the country has taken the chair in the EU for 6 months. Ostojic is profoundly convinced that the scandal was due to the fact that her underwear showed the EU flag. She was inspired by the pose that assumed the woman in Courbet's painting "The Origin of the World": presenting her own body in the same pose she intended to draw the public attention to the exclusion due to policy of people coming from countries that are not member of the EU.The artist points out that the body of the woman in the picture is not part of the EU – it is a body talking from a migrant's perspective and which is discriminated for not being citizen of the EU.[1] Anton Lederer[2] sets out other hypothesis: so he raised to question if the EU considers itself as origin of the world, who has to prostitute oneselve for entering the EU and being authorized to stay here, or further on, who is in the mood for the EU?[3]

Biography: http://www.van.at/see/tanja/


(Translation: K. Seifter)