"You are as old as you feel?" This is a lie. You are as old as society wants you to be. Some women already start feeling old in their late twenties because of the images surrounding them. Men, however, block out their age."
(Bascha Mika, German journalist an publicist, translated by Christine Wilhelm)

Senectitude, also known as old age, starts around the age of 65. It is the last big stage of life after climacteric. Biologically, this phase is characterized by a reduction of body tissue, general performance as well as of elasticity of connective tissue. A low hormone level after menopause leads to skin problems, disorders in the genito-urinary tract and osteoporosis (bone loss). [1] [2]

Women cannot become pregnant naturally after the age of 65. Even if the reproductive aspect of intercourse between man and woman disappears, the desire for intimacy and proximity is still there. The film „Cloud 9" breaks the taboo of old people's sexuality. (Further Links)

Why should only young people have the right to live intimacy? One possible answer is the „anti-aging" principle. This term explains the human desire for eternal youth, beauty and health. The biological aging process should be delayed and made invisible. Industry uses this invented shortcoming in order to draw attention to the presumed anti-aging effect of products in advertising. Media often compare young age with beautiful, desirable and (sexually) attractive. [3] [4]

A contrary term to anti-aging is happy-aging. According to research this is accompanied by health, maturity, personal growth, self-acceptance and tranquility. It deals with overcoming and accepting age-related constraints but also with recognizing new chances. [2]

Most people deeply wish for respect and acceptance. Everyone should be aware of these needs regardless of age, gender or social and ethnical background and treat the other with tolerance.

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