Welcome to the wonderful place of development, growth and evolvement!
Where does human life start, when does a woman become a woman? What do the wonderful transformations look like, that a woman experiences throughout her life? What are the new scientific insights into female biology?

We are about to embark on a journey, from conception to fetal stage, from childhood throughout adolescence to adulthood, climacteric and finally senectitude. Every stage involves a special topic, provides new challenges and exciting chances of growth. [1]

At the beginning, conception being a first biological signpost, leads to diverse embryonic chances of development. The fetus develops in a close relationship with ist mother, starts to hear and smell. [2] During pregnancy, first physical characteristics are already determined. After birth, the infantile psyche is influenced by different external factors.

From the age of eight onwards puberty starts and under the influence of hormones girls become young women and possible mothers.

At around 50, the next hormonal change happens during the climacteric. In this time, the hormone level descends, the monthly preparation for a possible pregnancy minimize and the body prepares for senectitude. [1]


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