Developmental psychology divides adulthood into early (18-35), middle (35-65) and old age. [1]

Biologically, our body reaches its maximal performance in its mid 20's. Starting from middle age, environmental factors often influence changes of the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system as well as the immune system. With the help of good body awareness and a healthy lifestyle these tendencies can be slowed down. [2]

Cross-sectional studies on intellectual performance show similar trends. Nowadays, however, the brain is referred to as a plastic, that is, an adaptable organ. Depending on appropriate mental challenges, new neurons and connections can be formed which ensures the maintenance and extension of intellectual faculties. [2]

After completing basic education (in early adulthood), young women are often confronted with the decision whether to start a family, choose a career or do further training. Is all of it compatible? What will the outcome be?

Among current topics in social development are the lack of time for child education, losses of monthly income, exhaustion in career and everyday life and a resulting burn out. [3] [4] Working women often get the feeling of having to justify their conscious decisions while new movements call for a re-establishment of housewives. [5] Additionally, there is a demand for all-day child care facilities and paternity leaves, an offer which is currently used by 17 per cent of Austrian men. [6] According to studies, 34 per cent of young men can imagine a life as househusband. [7] From experience, housework and child education mainly remain women's matter. [3] [4]

Biologically, women in this stage of life can fully unfold their sexuality and explore their sexual potential. The pubococcygeus muscle is part of the discovery journey. This complex layer of muscles and fascia stretches from rectum and anus to vagina and urethra. The pelvic floor is involved in sexual excitement, thus, the stronger it is the better a woman can increase the pleasurable vaginal sensation during intercourse and in this way also promote the blood flow. [11] Additionally, the pubococcygeus muscle controls urine flow. The intensive and repeated contraction of the pelvic floor is often included during orgasm. [9] [10] [11]

The pelvic floor is also found in men. Its training reinforces penile erection and can thus lead to better results than viagra. [12]

A well trained pelvic floor can increase sexual fun for women and men.

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