Sexual medicine deals with the preservation and promotion of sexual health as well as the investigation of sexual desires and their satisfaction. [1] Sexuality is an essential part of a fulfilled life which offers infinite ways of equal love and life models. [2] [3]

Based on new research, human sexual development already starts in the womb. Ultrasonic video recordings show clear sexual activities of a fetus during the 7th gestational month. [FETAL STAGE] Childhood is characterized by the discovery of first sexual skills and pleasant moments. In puberty, the body reaches sexual maturity which adds the retrospective aspect. But human sexual evolution doesn't stop there. During one's life time new skills can be learnt as well as existing skills can be extended. [5] [6] [STAGES OF LIFE] However, traumas, such as sexual abuse, and constrictive norms or influences might cause the body and/or mind to avoid sexuality and lead to sexual disorders. [7] [VIOLENCE] Besides, diseases and disabilities might impede a fulfilling sexual experience. [2] [5]

As part of modern medicine as well as sexual sciences, sexual medicine aims at exploring, discovering and healing of sexual problems. Sexuality is considered an individual process which is as unique as each individual itself and is always changing. [2] [6]


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