HISTORICISM approx. 1850 – 1914

Historism defines a style prevalently existing in the field of architecture. The characteristic feature of this construction style is the revival of elements and techniques of former styles that also are combined with each other. So it is no longer solely the ideal of Antiquity which is recreated, we are also talking about Gothic Revival or Neo-Baroque. In these times a lot of different styles coexist in the field of painting, also referred to as pluralism of styles; one among them is the Salon Painting that is named after the yearly exhibition in the Salon Carré in the Louvre.[1] The Salon Painting is an academic style and mainly meets the taste of the Upper Class. By depicting antique myths or historic scenes, the artists refer to past eras. It is interesting to note, that in these paintings the artists present plenty of nude skin. The objectified woman satisfies the man's curiosity and stimulates his erotic fantasies.

 16-44-Die Geburt der Venus Cabanel-Vorsch              leer-1