Sexuality is the entirety of human behaviors and feelings to have erotic experiences which originate from the sexual instinct. [1] [2]

Parthenogenesis is a natural form of asexual reproduction in which the same genetic material is passed down to the offspring. This type of reproduction occurs in many bacteria, yeast plants and greenflies. In times of danger, they can also go back to sexual reproduction in which two members of one species can exchange their genetic material and recombine it. With the help of gene variations the survival of the species is tried to be ensured. [3] [4] [5]

The exchange of genes in higher life forms gets more and more complex. In the course of evolution, reproduction has developed various new forms of behavior. This is why sexuality became a vehicle for communication. Besides, pleasure was considered a motive for sexuality by evolution. [4]

According to the well-known sexologist and multiple author Dr. Beier, the three aspects, reproductive, libidinous and communicative, are fulfilled by sexuality. Thus, in humans sexuality is always an expression of communication or pleasure (or lack thereof) and optionally fulfills reproductive functions. [REPRODUCTION] [6]

During human history, sexuality has always been evaluated differently. In pre-Christian times, in pagan and ancient cultures but also in Asian traditions such as the Tao or tantra, sexuality was regarded an expression of the divine in humans. During the European Middle Ages sexuality was depicted as an impure, negative virtue which created a distance to God in monotheist, paternalist societies. [HISTORY] [1] [7]

Many of those historical virtues still influence the conception of sexuality. Instead, sexuality could be so much more than that, namely a form of expression of a free individual who can experience sexuality as a source of inspiration, creativity and pleasure. [1] [8]

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