The scientific contribution of VAGINALOGY is part of the virtual ARCHIVE of VAGINAMUSEUM.at and offers insights into the topics woman, body, sexuality and society from the perspective of a young scientist.

The newly created term VAGINALOGY doesn't yet exist in the general German language and consists of the word VAGINA and the suffix -LOGY.

The word vagina is identical in many languages due to its Latin roots. By mistake, it's used for the entire female sex instead of for the actual linkage between the uterus and the vulva.
The suffix -logy originates from the Ancient Greek word lógos (theory, sense, knowledge) and designates the actual science of a topic. In medicine, the term gynecology stands for the science of gynecological disorders and primarily addresses the prevention, the knowledge and the treatment of affected female sexual and reproductive organs. Furthermore, gynecology deals with midwifery.

Hitherto, there has been no term for the scientific approach towards the multi-faceted entirety of the healthy female sex. The new term VAGINALOGY not only discusses medical but also social and psychological aspects of femininity.

For a long time, various forms and functions concerning the female sexual organ have been a matter of mysticism. Also research is still reluctant when it comes to new insights in sexology. This is why we are presently still confronted with secrets and myths around the female body and sexuality which cause deceptive assumptions and belief systems.

VAGINALOGY clearly and concisely represents the current state of research as well as different perspectives of various questions and problems such as "What's the female orgasm and which role do clitoris, G-spot and uterus play in it? Can women also ejaculate? Is the hymen really a thick membrane which occludes the vaginal opening? What kind of language is used to describe sexuality and to what extend does it influence the psyche? How can sexual violence against women be counteracted privately and publically?"

VAGINALOGY symbolizes physical and mental aspects of femininity, clarifies predominant mental constructs and presents the current scientific insights.

Adjusted to the general corporate design of VAGINAMUSEUM.at, VAGINALOGY is designed in form of a lotus which stands for the vagina in various Asian traditions. Similarly to the word vagina, the lotus comprises several aspects, that is, it symbolizes purity and transformation as well as sexuality. The lotus as an image for the womb of an enlightened woman offers a playful and aesthetic metaphor for the female sexual organs.

STAGES of LIFE: The beginning - Fetal Stage - Childhood - Adolescence - Adulthood - Climacteric - Senectitude
GENDER IDENTITY: Female - Male - Intersexual - Transgender Identity - One-Sex-Model
SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Heterosexuality - Homosexuality - Bisexuality - Pansexuality - Asexuality
TERMINOLOGY: Pussy, Cunt & Lotus - Sexism in Advertising - Sexism in Films
INTERIOR VIEW: Hymen - Vagina - Female Prostate - Uterine Neck - Uterus - Fallopian Tube - Ovaries - Urethra -
Urinary Bladder - Points of Interests
EXTERIOR VIEW: Mons Veneris - Clitoral Prepuce - Labia - Clitoris - Perineum - Anus - Points of Interests
SEXUALITY: History - Masturbation - Anal Intercourse - Oral Intercourse - Sex Toys - Pornography
CONTRACEPTION: Natural Birth Control - Barrier Contraceptives - Intrauterine Devices - Hormonal Contraceptives - Sterilization - Male Contraceptives
ORGASM: Vaginal or Clitoral - Multiple Orgasms - Anal Orgasm - Uterine/Cervical Orgasm - Nocturnal Emission - Fake Orgasm - Brain Orgasm - Female Ejaculation
MENSTRUATION: History - Female Cycle - Menstrual Fluid - Menstrual Products - Menstrual Molimina
REPRODUCTION: Female Physiology - Coitus - In vitro Fertilization - Egg Freezing
BIRTH: Conception - Pregnancy - Vaginal Birth - Caesarean Section - Abortion
SEXUAL MEDICINE: Vaginismus - Frigidity - Vaginal Dryness - Anorgasmia - Paraphilia
VENEREAL DISEASES: Infections - Human Papillomaviruses - Hepatitis B - HIV / AIDS
PROCEDURES: Genitoplasty - Mammoplasty - Sex Reassignment Surgery - Hysterectomy
VIOLENCE: Violence against Women - Female Circumcision - Consent and BDSM - Autonomous Sexuality


Concept, scientific elaboration and text: © B.sc.rer.nat., Cand. med. Jana Studnicka


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