Video, 2016

Calls for liveliness are circulating. "Enlivenment" (*) is the ne plus ultra and with good reason. The often-quoted anthropocene is searching ways out of this term's unavoidability. The faith in technics is being challenged now. However, to celebrate life implies to feel alive yourself. Sexuality and passing on life are part of it. If these terms weren't standardized culturally and socially we wouldn't be humans. In German we say we "go pregnant" - we carry ideas when we start projects. Birth is a basic experience, like all physical extreme experiences, and is experienced differently by every woman.

As to the video: a very pregnant woman is, metaphorically, an artistic godsend. How beautifully centered is the curved belly and how much everything is boiled down to an essence - process, gravity, concurrence, outside/inside, the numbers one and two. In the play the performer turns to all cardinal points in a performative and photographic way. A circle, a rectangle - a quarter turn in front of former windows, clockwise. Exit in the opposite direction. Sound happens in an approving conversational tone, it is more likely speaking inwards, affirming the place, the letter, the facts. The location is a short road segment which also composes the image in colors and relates it to the performer: Wienergasse in Jedlesee, north of Vienna.

(Gertrude Moser-Wagner)

Video, 1:00 min
Camera / Post-production: Sigrid Friedmann 

Performer: Diana Moser-Roessler

(*) Enlivenment. Eine Kultur des Lebens: Versuch einer Poetik für das Anthropozän | Andreas Weber, Matthes & Seitz, Berlin, 2016





Born in St.Georgen/Murau in 1953; she lives and works in Vienna as a free-lance artist; she studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna with professor Bruno Gironcoli, diploma 1981. Up to 2010 various lectureships. In 2011 BMUKK-pilot project on „Mentoring of women by women in the arts"

Exhibitions at home and abroad, participation in international film, video and performance art festivals, art in public spaces, texts and conceptual art, radio, video. curator of artists and scientists from other disciplines, interested in sustainability.

Selection: ERGREIFS ENDLICH, permanent poetic intervention on a building site, Vienna (2016). NISTEN ZIEHEN IRREN, project at the festival REGIONALE12, St.Lambrecht/Styria (2012). HALLO IRRGAST, exhibition (curator) and symposium at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna, publication ZUGUNRUHE (Ed.), Sonderzahl Verlag (2010). Current projects often in cooperation with people from art, science, literature, philosophy: "art goes science" (since 2009) und "art contains" (since 2014). >> >>