Gouache, 2017

Bernhard Krähenmann illustrates his approach to sexuality and birth on an extremely personal and emotional level using symbolic colors and design vocabulary. The visual realization and linguistic verbalization of his devout wishes are part of our hugely emotive period of time. While the 1960's were characterized by sociopolitical changes, an ostensible collective "we" and newly conceived gendered role allocations, from the 1990's onwards a neoliberal trend towards the "self" and individualized emotiveness can be observed.
Bernhard Krähenmann longs for gender roles bound to nature: „The act of breastfeeding leads to an inseparable tie between mother and child. She would do EVERYTHING for her child. She gives EVERYTHING. She will nourish and cherish it and protect it like a wild lioness against all evil. [...] The mother's torso depicts my hope for a family with Susanne. The infant represents my sincere desire for a family with her. I am the falcon. I keep a jealous watch over mother and child. I want to be there for them, protect them and keep them away from all evil. [...] The painting stands for a new love, a new hope and a new future – I love you, Susanne."

(Commentary on the painting „I watch over you" by Doris Jauk-Hinz together with cited text passages of the personal picture description by Bernhard Krähenmann)

Gouache on canvas, 300 x 400 mm




Bernhard Krähenmann received his Bachelor of Art in Communication of Art and Design at the art college in Zurich and works as an art and handicraft teacher at a school specialized in logopedics in Romanshorn, Switzerland. He is course instructor and Samaritan teacher in the Samaritan Association Elgg and surroundings. In both institutions he cultivates and lives for his creativity and the artistic exchange with people. He spends his free time with drawing and painting as well as sportive activities.
In spring 2018 he will start his studies as a primary school teacher.