Animated film, 2010

The animated film "Delphoi" tries to display the vitality and wisdom of the uterus in today's context. It was inspired by the 32.000 to 36.000 year old stone figurine, also known in German as the "Dancing Fanny vom Galgenberg", discovered in 1988 - by comparison the Venus of Willendorf dates back to about 25.000 to 29.500 years - and possible original meanings of the oldest female figurines. Dancing ova and wombs alternate with texts on the Oracle of Delphi, the shot of a gynecologist and the uterus' capacity to "see" in old age. The uterus becomes an actress, acrobat and dancer; she juggles her ova and uses her fallopian tubes like arms. Finally, she is satisfied with Renate Kordon's „Regelrechte Bilder", a series of watercolors, which emerged within two years during period.

(Renate Kordon)

4'30", color, German, French, English; Vienna 2010
Music: Mari Boine
Supported by: Land Niederösterreich



Renate Kordon is born in Graz; she studied architecture and graphics in Graz, Vienna and Paris (scholarship at the ENSAD). She received a scholarship at the Austrian Cultural Institute in Rome and was an artist-in-residency in Durham, Canada. She taught graphics at the LIT in Detroit and had a lectureship at the Animation Lab, University of Art and Design in Linz, Austria. She was a Research and Art Member of the Advisory Board for site-specific art at the Federal Ministry for Science, organized and curated exhibitions (with Stefan Stratil) at the ASIFAkeil, MQ, quartier21 in Vienna and is the founder of the TIMEshift Institute in Graz. She describes inner transformations with animated films, drawings and objects and transforms common baggage with the help of humor and ease. Renate Kordon lives in Vienna.

Filmography animated films:
Spacewomen 2002-16, Trickfilmbrosche 2014, Director's Cut 2010, Delphoi 2010, Faltencreme 2008, Paintress 184/2008, Otannenbaum 2007, Helpful Thought 2006, Haute Couture 2006, Weltinmir 2006, Tea for three 2004, Coffeecup 2003, Holz, 2003, Dancing Sculptures 2001, Architekturszenen 1999, Space Trip 1989, Scissoring, Installation 1989, Now for Now 1988, Denkwürdigkeiten 1987/88, Echo 1988, Trickptychon 1987, Clay Film 1986, Colourful Blood 1985, Olympus 1984, Passepartout 1983, Hors d ́oeuvre 1981, Daily Drawings 1980, Blinks of an Eye 1979, Bulb 1976

Public Art:
1989/90 Wind Chime Spielfeld, wind-powered sculpture above the motorway at the border station to Slovenia
1993/2009 Seasons Sundial in Schottwien, NÖ; the bridge's shadow hits the lane markings assigned to the seasons.
1993-95 Wind Scale Gerasdorf, wind- and solar-powered, kinetic sculpture in front of the secondary school
1993-95 Wind Acrobats, SMZO Vienna, wind-powered kinetic sculpture in Yard 7 of the Hospital

Bibliography: Regelrechte Bilder, Tanzplätze für Ariadne, Lifelines, in and out, Strange Movies, Now for Now, Drawings, Kordon Cartoon and others. >>