Five channel mix media installation, 2015/16

Tara develops in the world of a newborn baby, putting emphasis on her body movements provoked by different emotions, absolutely real and transparent. Tara´s body movements have amazed me since the early days of her life, they are something new, something I was not aware of before, which I find extremely fascinating. They provoked me to reflect on the adult world, my world, so different from the world of Tara, especially on the emotional level. Her body is a tool to show emotions. Tara´s mind and body interact. Her emotions directly affect her body. Her physical, tangible sphere, extended in space, interacts with the intangible, private world, ordered in time but not in space.
The installation shows a newborn baby from different points of view. Not as a cute miniature of a human but as a growing personality. Intentionally I try to hide the face of Tara so that we can focus on her movements to reevaluate the human body and its natural behaviour. The work starts with the somnolent body, it continues as she slowly awakens and finishes when she is completely alert (regained conscience).
The installation appeals to a broad spectrum of people and it is oriented towards spectators of any age. With this work I intend to cause strong and controversial emotions in the visitors and open a dialogue about body-mind relationship in the "crawling of every body" life and its location.

(Ada Kobsiewicz)

Video: color, stereo, no dialogue, aspect ratio 16×9
Sound: dolby surround
Soundscape by: Anders Vestergaard & Kåre Elers (DK)



Ada Kobusiewicz lives and works as a freelance artist in Austria and Poland. She works as media and installation artist with analogue and digital media. She moves between exploration, science, experimental and authentic. Her works tends to focus on run down surroundings, transitory spaces and the relation between the conscience and un-conscience and its individual or collective statement. She works with site-specific environments, in uncommonly authentic circumstances. Ada´s work bridges video, installation, kinetic art, object and performance. She is captivated by contrasts between light and its absence, common hardware and personal software, the horizontal and the vertical. Her background revolves mainly around space, motion, body and light. For Kobusiewicz, light increases and experiments with the dimensions of a space through new technologies, improvisations and sometimes through vast and inexplorable happenstance. In the creative process the main element for Ada is to introduce or even to set the work in motion. Her concept of work is always connected with dynamics and movement. Kinetic images are the inspiration for her works.
Ada Kobusiewicz was born in Poland. In 2004 she moved to Spain where she studied at the University of Granada, Faculty of Philosophy and Arts and at the Andalusian Institute of Arts where she completed different courses related with light design. In 2012 she finished MA Degree in Art, Research and Production at the Academy of Arts in Granada and in 2014 MA Degree in Light Design at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Serbia. From April 2016 Kobusiewicz is researcher of PhD programme in Research in Arts at the Academy of Arts in Basque Country in Spain.
She exhibits in Austria, Spain, Serbia, Italy, Croatia, BIH, Finland, Denmark, Poland and UK and her works has been shown at festivals in USA, Sweden, England, Austria, Serbia, France, Portugal, Germany, Mexico, Spain, Greece, South Korea, Russia and other countries.

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