GEBURT_to animate
The virtual exhibition on the topic
LIFE and LIMB - The positive power of femininity

Self-conception of Femininity_ physiologic and biological body functions - reflctions - health - medicine - education - sexuality - violence - birth

GEBURT_to animate addresses natural and artificial processes that create life within a cultural dynamic. They show desires for the composition of "creation" and range from the metaphoric realization in artistic processes to the "self-design" of life.

Zara Alexandrova (DE), Teresa Ascencao (CA), Rachelle Beaudoin (US), Yvonne Beelen (NL),
Ada Kobusiewicz (AT/PL), Renate Kordon (AT), Bernhard Krähenmann (CH),
Gertrude Moser-Wagner (AT), Boryana Rossa (US), Barbara Schmid / Ulla Sladek (AT), Maja Smrekar (SI)

ARTICLES by: - -

Concept: Kerstin Rajnar

Exhibition concept, Curator: Doris Jauk-Hinz
Translation AT/EN: Christine Wilhelm